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If you research the USA university list, you may probably find that among the top 20 universities across the world, half of them are located in the United States. Every year, more than one million career-focused students from all over the world fly for the United States, a place of dreams that welcomes passions and facilitates future builders. BD Expert Education, the US Visa Processing Agent in Bangladesh, significantly contributes to achieving glorious success in higher studies for Bangladeshi students. However, do you know why all these highly ambitious students dream of studying in the United States? Let's See!

  • More than 4500 universities offer programs for international students
  • Outstanding Education Quality
  • Skill Development Opportunities
  • Scope Of Collaboration among International Students
  • Available Scholarship Opportunities
  • Part-time Job Facilities
  • Post-Study Work Scope For Limited Time
  • Excellent Career Opportunities After Graduation
  • And The List Goes On With More Sustainable Opportunities
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Student Visa Requirements in the USA

This section includes necessary information, including the US visa application form for Bangladeshi students. Please follow the general document checklist below.

General Documents Checklist for USA Visa Application:

  • Complete Application form
  • Passport copy & Photograph
  • Approved form I-20 from Educational Institution
  • Evidence of intent to return to your home country upon the study completion.
  • Accepting the condition of “Only studying at the institution notes”
  • Demonstrating of having sufficient funds to support the student visa holder in the USA
  • Showing a strong connection to your home country:
    • A job offer for after graduation
    • A House, land, etc.
    • Bank accounts
    • Family


    Enter Your Information

    Deeper Look into the Canadian Education System BD Expert Education

    USA Student Visa Type

    Visa Name

    Criteria Of The Applicant

    General Feature


    Academic Studies

    F1 visas are the most common student visas in the USA. An F1 visa serves the purpose of academic studies. Students who want to attend academic programs or English Language Program need an F1 visa. By maintaining the course load of full-time student status alongside, one can join on-campus part-time employment (nearly 20 hours per week).


    Practical Training

    Many countries lack proper training facilities to accelerate the career of their potential students. Therefore, students search for better opportunities. A J1 visa is appropriate for those students who want to get practical training that is not available in their homeland to fulfill their academic program. J1 student status facilities like employment are very similar to that of F1 students. 


    Non-Academic/Vocational Studies

    M1 visas serve the purpose of non-academic or vocational studies. M1 visa does not include the employment facility during the course period. So, M1 visa holders cannot work while they continue their studies. Under this visa, students must ensure the availability of funds required to fulfill the study cost and the cost of living in the USA for the duration of the intended stay.

    Has your visa application
    been refused?

    If your visa got rejected, initially, you can ask the visa officer the reason for rejection and get some valuable advice. Besides, BD Expert Education, the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh is accessible for higher studies career consultancy, which offers potential opportunities for the dreamer.

    Why Should You Choose The USA For Higher Studies?

    How do you feel when you find yourself in a place where you discover your presence centered with all the leading brands of the world?

    Mesmerizing. Isn’t it? 

    And it will be more accelerating for your career if you can pursue an American Degree. Now, the value of an American degree is beyond description. It represents your ability across the globe that you are capable enough and skillful to venture into your professional journey to obtain the utmost success.

    Unlike other countries, you will find more career opportunities in the USA based on your skills. Nearly 4500 universities offer numerous programs for global students to facilitate their careers in some way or other. Every year, more than one million students from different parts of the world come to the USA and enlighten themselves in a cross-cultural environment.

    Full-free scholarship for Bangladeshi students in the USA uncovers new ways that streamline our country’s development. Students who fly to study in USA from Bangladesh with scholarships and return to their homeland become proficient future builders. By utilizing their experiences of living and learning in an environment of multicultural diversity, students become highly capable of playing significant roles in different sectors of the country.


    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Our satisfied clients are our pride. It makes us delighted when our little efforts bring each of our respected clients close to their dreams!

    "Getting an American visa for Bangladeshi people is nearly a tough job. BD Expert Education has made it easier for us! Their service is highly significant and they provide what exactly you need. The support I receive from BDEXPERTEDUCATION has made my dream come true.


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    FAQ About USA Student Visa From Bangladesh

    If you check out the USA university list, you will find both expensive and cheap universities in the USA. Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, University of California, and many more top-listed universities are located in the USA.

    Diploma courses in the USA are available for students. Diploma courses mainly focus on a particular skill set and practical training related to the profession rather than academic studies. Both a graduate diploma and a post-graduate diploma in the USA are valuable with potential career opportunities.

    Full free scholarship for Bangladeshi students in the USA is like a dream, not the American Dream, but the passion that brings them success in a foreign land. To study in the USA from Bangladesh and get a scholarship, you need to fulfill the required academic and general qualifications, including academic results, language proficiency, and other necessary documentation. BD Expert Education provides all kinds of information regarding higher studies in the USA.

    BD Expert Education has been sincerely providing higher studies career consultancy in Bangladesh since 2010. Focusing on clients' satisfaction, BD Expert Education ensures all the equivalent guidance to the candidates and their families. Our satisfied clients make us proud, and at the same time, they have recognized us as the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh for the USA.

    The waiting time depends on the type of visa you are applying for. USA student visa processing time takes nearly 120 days once you are scheduled for the interview with the USA embassy and pass the interview session.