One of The Best Countries to Pursue Higher Studies!

Today, Bd Expert Education would like to give you some notes on UK student visa from Bangladesh, things that might make your consideration a sure yes or no. When it comes to pursuing higher education, there’s no way one won’t suggest you the UK as one of the best countries.

The world-class education system of many universities here is what has gotten it a fine reputation for international students to consider this country heavily. This has to be one of those destinations for studies that comes to mind without hesitation for more than just one reason. A few reasons are:

  • High reputation global education quality.
  • British qualification high demand all over world.
  • Practically cheap to study and live in UK.
  • English skills get better.
  • Amazingly wide cultural experience.
  • 2 Years PSW
  • Build Bright Career after Graduation
  • Lovely places to travel.
  • High quality life and education.
uk student visa from bangladesh

How To Apply – Admission & VISA Documents Requirements:

  1. You’ll need to completely fill the online VISA application form.
  2. The offer letter from the institution you’re planning to study in along with the CAS letter following the tier 4 rulings. 40 points are necessary for you to apply in the student visa category. You’ve to show evidence along with the UK visa application form Bangladesh that you filled up.
    About the points:
    I. 30 points will be for confirmation of study acceptance along with documents needed for the obtaining.
    II. 10 points for fund showing bank statement that covers the entire money for your course fee as well as living cost for the entire period.
  3. You also need necessary academic certificates and mark sheets that are not laminated copies.
  4. The SELT certificate.
  5. 4 current, color, light background included clear quality without frame or blockage, normal photographic paper printed, full face and head showing photographs.
  6. No-refundable visa fee should be paid. The UK visa fee for Bangladeshi students is a little less than 39 thousand BDT. It can change according to the pound’s rate in BDT.
  7. 3 clinics completed TB test report is necessary.

    Enter Your Information

    uk education sysytem

    Deeper Look at UK Education System



    Bachelor’s Degree

    You can take the bachelor’s degree that requires you to be eligible with a few different entry conditions depending on your field of study in the UK. Generally, you must complete 12-14 years of study for being able to take the bachelor’s degree program in the UK.

    Postgraduate Course

    If you have an undergraduate degree, then you can take the postgraduate course in the UK. Of course, equivalent qualification according to the UK is necessary.

    HNC or HND

    Taking an HNC or HND or different below-level degree is also possible with an H.S.C qualification.

    About Language Proficiency – You will require a SET certificate given by someone approved by UK Border Agency if you wish to study for NQF.QCF levels 4 to 5. This basically proves that you have a B1 level on each of four components for CERF, which are writing, reading, listening, and speaking. 

    However, for studying the NQF/QCF levels 6 to 7, you would require B2 or C1 for each of the same 4 components on CERP.

    Has your visa application
    been refused?

    If your visa got rejected, initially, you can ask the visa officer the reason for rejection and get some valuable advice. Besides, BD Expert Education, the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh is accessible for higher studies career consultancy, which offers potential opportunities for the dreamer.

    Why Should You Think About Getting UK Student Visa from Bangladesh?

    If you know a little bit about QS world university rankings, you’ll know that 4 out of the top 6 best universities in the world belong to the UK. You’ll get an opportunity to graduate from one of the finest education environments in the whole world. Also, some of the most excellent teaching and research is done here in the UK. No matter in which corner of the world you decide to settle down next, you’ll be a reputed qualification holder from the UK.

    Compared to the experience and qualifications they get, it’s true that the UK is one of the most affordable destinations for studies. Also due to the fact that courses are short here, you end up spending a lot less amount of tuition fees as well as living costs. You can complete an undergraduate degree in 3 years. And post-graduate needs 1 year to complete. So, the cost gets cut anyway.

    You can even work for 20 hours every week as a student, which also becomes full-time/no limit during holiday seasons.

    As you live and study in the UK, you’ll also have a chance to completely immerse yourself in the language. That’s huge of a benefit in today’s world for a student from a non-English speaking country like Bangladesh.

    Culture and faith-wise, you’ll find the UK has a wide range of folks around. It welcomes people, visitors, and migrants from all over the world. Being exposed to different cultures will make you familiar with so many countries and their people. And that’s not just a fun experience but also helpful for your whole life.

    uk student visa from bangladesh with bdexpert education

    How Bd Expert Education Can Help?

    As the United Kingdom has been one of the most loved spots for Bangladesh students to achieve their degrees, Bd Expert Education has been keen always to help more and more achieve their goals of pursuing higher studies in this country. We have experts who’ll guide you as well as handle all your UK visas and immigration-related papers/documents and make the whole journey a lot easier as well as comfortable. You can focus on making your profile strong, while we do all the background stuff for you. You’ll always find Bd Expert Education in need of information as well as guidelines, which we believe shall help any student face a lot fewer challenges and complete the processing in a short time period as well.

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    We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.

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    FAQ About UK Student Visa From Bangladesh

    UK student visa from Bangladesh is easier to get compared to other country’s visa. It may take around 3 weeks to get the tier 4 student visa from Bangladesh.

    You can stay in the UK for at least 2 years after successfully completing you higher study in UK. For that you would need to apply for a graduation visa while staying in UK.

    If you have creative thinking skills, effective working habits, and critical situation handling capabilities along with great communication skills, you’ll manage to make a place in the UK’s vast workplaces with a suitable opportunity.

    There are many scholarship opportunities available for international students including the ones from Bangladesh. And some even cover your whole academic as well as living costs for the period.