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Canada is the best destination & haven of opportunities for international students! If you are in doubt of whether or not Canada has the potential to be the best destination for your next degree, then Bd Expert Education would be pleased to help you with some guidance, information, and overall insight.

  • Solid and remarkable presence in development and research
  • The best country in the world according to 2021 world’s best countries ranking
  • The World Class Education Quality
  • Finest Quality of Life
  • Affordable Education
  • Acceptance Of Diverse Culture
  • Fabulous Work After Study Opportunities
  • Fascinating & Endless Tourist Spots
Study in Canada from Bangladesh

Canada student visa requirements from Bangladesh

Students who would choose to study in Canada from Bangladesh will experience educators and academic dynamics that are excellent and almost unparalleled. If you wish to Study in Canada as a Bangladeshi, student you’ll have to meet some expectations academically as well as financially.

    • Enrollment proof, acceptance letter from an educational institution
    • For the Canada visa application online part, the candidate needs to upload the visa’s data page copy after identification approval.
    • The Canada student visa process also needs a clear demonstration of welfare for students and any companion by confirming assets from Canadian Official.
    • Clarification letter showcasing candidate and objectives for the visa office.
    • Language competency certificate : English or French
    • Medical certificate
    • Letter of Intent
    • Proof of no crime record
    • Bank statement to prove eligibility to cover tuition fee, living cost and medical during the study period in Canada

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    canadian education system

    Deeper Look into the Canadian Education System

    There are complete freedom and enrolling benefits for students unlike most countries with the Canadian education system that has around 3 intakes every year.




    Summer intake is only for limited programs/courses and it exists from April to May.


    Fall intake starts in September month.


    Winter intake begins in January.

    Most universities will allow enrolling in multiple intakes. Especially the top universities. You can find the complete Canada university list to research and pick according to your preference.

    Has your visa application
    been refused?

    If your visa got rejected, initially, you can ask the visa officer the reason for rejection and get some valuable advice. Besides, BD Expert Education, the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh is accessible for higher studies career consultancy, which offers potential opportunities for the dreamer.

    Are There Any Immigration Scopes for Students in Canada?

    If you’re wondering how to apply for Canadian immigration from Bangladesh, start with analyzing the requirements for it. Bd Expert Education is one of the best consultancy firm in Bangladesh for Canada that can help in your future settlement in Canada.

    Choosing Your Study Destination – Why Study in Canada?

    OECD has given their affirmative nod on recognizing Canada for giving an amazing performance in well-being for their better life index. The best universities in Canada are included in the list of top-ranking universities, more than 20 actually, but also its economy is thriving, making it a golden prospect for international students.

    Their academic system is world-class and you can literally find tons of courses for a specific degree to pursue here. From having ample opportunities in computer science, information technology, and biotech digital media to even recognized MBA in Canada for international students, there are many paths to choose from. There’s no denial of the fact that there are excellent yet cheap universities in Canada.

    The quality of life in Canada is considered the best in the world. If you decide to full-time study in Canada from Bangladesh, you’ll be loving the high standard of living experience quite surely. Considering affordability, diversity of students, and after-graduation employment flexibilities, Canada is believed to be top in the ranking for being the best student-friendly country.

    Talking about the environment, Canada has a great reputation for being the safest one in the whole world. Also, the people are super friendly here and more accepting towards diverse individuals from diverse cultures.

    English is the main language along with French for specific provinces. So, it’s going to be convenient in terms of communication too. Building a network, gaining enough experience from an internship, and basically building your profile gradually would make that route even easier.

    Are There Any Immigration Scopes for Students in Canada BD Expert Education

    How Bd Expert Education Can Help?

    As Canada has been one of the heavenly spots for Bangladesh students to achieve their higher degrees, Bd Expert Education has been keen always to help more and more achieve their goals of pursuing higher studies in this country. We have experts who’ll guide you as well as handle all your Canada visas and immigration-related papers/documents and make the whole journey a lot easier as well as comfortable. You can focus on making your profile strong, while we do all the background stuff for you. You’ll always find Bd Expert Education in need of information as well as guidelines, which we believe shall help any student face a lot fewer challenges and complete the processing in a short time period as well.

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    FAQ About Canada Student Visa from Bangladesh

    If you have excellent academic achievements, considering a full free scholarship for Bangladeshi students in Canada could be a possibility. There are some scholarship programs that certain Canadian institutions would arrange to attract brilliant candidates from several nations.

    Finding how to get scholarship in Canada from Bangladesh is often a matter of having the right academic achievements as well as English skill scores. There are partial scholarships also available for international students that cover certain costs but not whole.

    Study cost in Canada depends on the program you choose to study. Depending on the program, it can cost from $14000 to $40000 annually.

    You can go to VFS Global in Dhaka, Chittagong or Sylhet to apply in person. There are also online option available. You can check the official IRCC website.

    Yes, there is a visa interview for Canada at the final stage of your visa processing.

    As many applicants apply for Canadian visa from Bangladesh, the rejection rate is also high. However, we are here to help to go through the process without any hassle.